Fotion for school board |

Fotion for school board

I am writing in support of Steve Fotion for the RE-1 school board. Steve is undoubtedly the candidate who will listen to parents and with work the administration. He will challenge the district to be fiscally prudent and look at COVID-19 policies from a health and science perspective.

One of my friends has a daughter in kindergarten. I had asked her how school was going and she mentioned that she had to wear her mask all day and really did not like it, as it’s hard for her to breathe and talk through. She then told me that they are allowed to take off their masks, but need to ask for permission first, and then have to sit in a designated “mask off” corner. In addition, recess minutes are lost if the students don’t abide by the mask rules. How healthy is wearing a mask all day for a 5-year-old or any school-aged child!? This is not only unhealthy for physical health but for mental health as well.

The science shows that masks do not protect against Covid. The children have no choice in a mask mandate, yet when a child gets Covid, their chance of getting severely sick is .004%. Who are we protecting!? Most of our teachers and staff are vaccinated, the greater community is 72% vaccinated, while 10% of the community has reached natural immunity.

We are teaching our children to live in a state of fear and school has now become a fear based institution.

I support Steve Fotion, as he is the only candidate who has questioned the school district’s Covid policies. And let’s face it, there are a lot of questions that should be asked. Please vote for Steve Fotion and stand up for the children.

Mary Jane Knolls