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Photos: Independence Pass opening day 2020

Independence Pass east of Aspen opened Monday for the summer season, and it is one of the latest openings in the past dozen years. The delay was related to the coronavirus pandemic, but as the...

In bittersweet ceremony, Basalt seniors show resilience for future

For the valedictorians of Basalt High School’s class of 2020, it didn’t matter that Saturday’s commencement exercises saw spectators sitting on the hoods of parked cars, speakers cleaning microphones with sanitary wipes, and cheers competing with honks for loudest applause.

Aspen neighbor’s alleged harassment escalates

An Aspen woman who allegedly used a pick axe to attack her neighbor’s house Thursday in retaliation for a prior misdemeanor complaint involving police was arrested and charged with a felony.

Business Monday: Even the clothes are quarantined in Aspen

The wide-sweeping tentacles of the coronavirus pandemic seemingly touch all aspects of everyday life, including dressing rooms in clothing stores. Ute Mountaineer in downtown specializes in products and gear for the outdoors, including clothing customers...