Aspen Valley Hospital, Mayo Clinic announce collaboration

Staff report

Aspen Valley Hospital and the distinguished Mayo Clinic are joining forces, officials with both health-care entities announced at a news conference on Monday.

The 25-bed hospital recently was selected to be a member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network, which gives the facility’s physicians and staff access to Mayo’s research and expertise under the goal of improving local health care.

Aspen Valley Hospital is the network’s first Colorado member. Launched in 2011, the Mayo Clinic Care Network now has members in 12 states, plus Puerto Rico and Mexico.

In a prepared statement, John Sarpa, interim CEO at Aspen Valley Hospital, said it was an honor to be the first hospital in the state allowed to join the network.

“Sharing a common philosophy, commitment and mission to improve the delivery of health care through the use of best practices and evidence-based medical care provides a solid foundation for this collaboration,” he said.

Aspen Valley Hospital and its providers now have access to Mayo Clinic resources to enhance patient care, including the latest Mayo-vetted medical information through its AskMayoExpert database and electronic consulting that connects physicians with Mayo Clinic experts on questions of diagnosis, therapy or care management.

“It’s a pleasure to formalize this relationship with Aspen Valley Hospital,” said Dr. Wyatt Decker, vice president of Mayo Clinic and CEO of Mayo Clinic in Arizona, in a news release. “Collaborating with other medical providers to provide the best possible care for patients has always been part of Mayo Clinic’s culture.”

Dr. Chris Beck, president of the Aspen Valley Hospital medical staff, also said in the statement that he is excited about the possibilities.

“The challenges of medicine in this modern age demand that we seek and share vast amounts of knowledge,” Beck said. “Things constantly and rapidly change — new protocols, new technology, new medications, etc. This collaboration with Mayo Clinic will enhance the outstanding care AVH physicians already provide.”

Dr. Barry Mink, president of the hospital’s board of directors and a member of its medical staff for 40 years, echoed the previous assessments.

“Our small-town hospital provides a level of care one would expect in a major medical center, and becoming a member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network reflects our commitment to the highest standards of medical care for local residents and visitors to the area,” he said.

The Mayo Clinic’s flagship operation and headquarters is in Rochester, Minn. The clinic employs more than 3,800 physicians and scientists worldwide, and reportedly spends over $500 million a year on research.

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