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Compiled by Jill Beathard
Reed Lewis is the fifth owner of the Daly Bottle Shop, a liquor store that has operated on the Snowmass Village Mall since 1967.
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Editor’s note: Business as Usual is a series highlighting local businesses in Snowmass Village. It is published weekly in the Snowmass Sun.

Daly Bottle Shop has been open on the Snowmass Village Mall for nearly 50 years, but owner Reed Lewis likes to keep things fresh. A new buyer brought on board in 2014 has changed up the selection — and lowered prices — at this local business.

Snowmass Sun: How did your business start?

Reed Lewis: The Daly Bottle Shop actually started in 1967. I am the fifth owner, having purchased Village Liquors from Jane and Dick Kelley in 2001 (They bought it when it was called Cap and Cork in 1972.). We worked out a financing deal so I could stay in Snowmass Village and they could finally retire.

Snowmass Sun: What goods or services do you sell?

Reed Lewis: The Daly Bottle Shop is a full-service liquor store. We offer over 450 wines, 150 beers from our backyard and around the world, as well as an extensive selection of spirits. Recently, Kim Anderson, formerly of the Babbo NYC and Windows on the World, joined us as the buying manager and has shaken up the selection (not literally!) as well as lowered our prices by 5 to 20 percent. If it’s been a while since you’ve been in, we invite you back to check things out. We are also attached to Grain Fine Food and can build custom gift baskets to order.

Snowmass Sun: Who is your primary clientele?

Reed Lewis: We are unique in the fact that we are one of the few retail establishments in the village open 364 days a year, only closing on Christmas by law. We are also proud to be in the area of the mall which is still 90 percent locally owned businesses.

Snowmass Sun: What makes your business unique?

Reed Lewis: We cater to locals, part-time residents, and of course guests of Snowmass Village. This means having a great selection of beverages at every price point.

Snowmass Sun: What is the best thing about running a business in Snowmass?

Reed Lewis: While the seasonality can be a challenge, it is also great. The spring and fall shoulder seasons give us a chance to reflect and recharge, and then launch into the next busy time with renewed energy.

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