Snowmass trail talks: Trash on the trails |

Snowmass trail talks: Trash on the trails

Town of Snowmass Parks, Recreation and Trails Department
Special to the Snowmass Sun
One entrance to the Highline Trail in Snowmass.
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Editor’s note: The Snowmass Sun and the Town of Snowmass Parks, Recreation and Trails Department have partnered to launch “Trail Talks,” a bi-weekly series that will explore trail issues, etiquette and rules for shared trail-use in the village.

We are lucky here in the town of Snowmass Village. It doesn’t matter where you live; you have a natural surface or paved trail near your home. The village offers a world-class trails system that hikers and bikers from around the globe visit. That said, when people see trash on the trails, it somehow devalues the experience.

The snow melted earlier this year and we have heard concerns about trash on our trails. The town of Snowmass Village organizes an annual town cleanup day. With the early snowmelt, the planned date of June 2 may seem a bit late. However, we are holding onto this date and we greatly appreciate those volunteers who have already picked up trash along Brush Creek Trail and other trails throughout the village.

Five quick suggestions from our department:

Preserve nature by packing it in and packing it out. Be responsible and keep nature beautiful.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. Set an example for your children, recreation partners, or others using the trails.

Save the animals. The trash we leave behind can injure or kill animal.

Teach your children or younger generations valuable lessons about environmental stewardship.

Become part of your community and volunteer at local events or organize your own event.

Do not wait until June 2; we encourage all town of Snowmass Village residents to invest in our community by picking up and disposing of a wrapper, bottle or dog poop bag. Cleaning up the trail makes it more pleasant for people to use and seeing people working on the trail encourages others to take better care of it.

To become a clean trails advocate, check out To learn more about the Town’s annual cleanup day or the local trails, visit

We’ll see you June 2.