Snowmass History: Flying above it all, 1980 |

Snowmass History: Flying above it all, 1980

Aspen Historical Society
One b/w photograph of Snowmass Village and Snowmass Ski Area, taken from a hot air balloon flown by Aeronaut Randy Woods. It appeared in the Aspen Times on November 6, 1980 on pg. 1B
Andi Berry

“Rise and Shine,” pronounced The Aspen Times Nov. 6, 1980. “Drifting through the dawn? A thousand feet in the air? If that sounds like we’re talking about starting the day by rolling over in bed and returning to your dreams, think again. It may not be ordinary, but it’s very real. Aspen Times’ Andi Berry discovered this new way to start the day when she climbed aboard the Unicorn hot air balloon with Pilot/Aeronaut Randy Woods for an early-morning high-altitude jaunt through the mountains.” Floating up the Brush Creek Valley, Berry reminisced “It was almost like a perfect dream. No problems. No hassles. You just sort of lose the rest of the world. You leave ‘every day’ behind.”

Image taken by Andi Berry in November 1980.


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