From the yearbook … |

From the yearbook …

From the 1952 Yearbook the graduation class gave their declaration and history … several graduates were from families whose ranches were in the Owl Creek/Brush Creek areas.

“Here we are in our final weeks of our high school years. Of all of the comments and complaints made about never finishing school, we are beginning to wish these last four years had not gone by quite so fast. For along with the hard work there were lots of good times. Even the hard work was fun at times. Maybe this was because of the excellent teachers we had.

We began our senior year with a good start by adding two new members, Sue Speckman and Gary Swanson, to our original 9 members of last year: Joyce Chistiansen, Anita Roberts, Betty Larrew, Kathleen Randall, Kenny Strong, John Thorpe, David Stapleton, Carroll Cerise, and Tommy Kearns.

We are very proud of two of our members, John Thorpe and David Stapleton, who have already made fame. They were selected last year and again this year to go to the Junior National Ski meets.

We are looking forward to the rest of this year’s events: the Junior-Senior Prom and the Senior Trip.

We hope that in our future years we can make Aspen High School as proud of us as we are of it.”

That year Mrs. William (Hildur) Anderson represented the school board by presenting the diplomas to each of the graduates, and Superintendent Elbie Gann presented college scholarships to “seven promising” seniors.


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