Fortunato: Deny the Flawed Fields |

Fortunato: Deny the Flawed Fields

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

The Eagle County planning and engineering staff is the gift that keeps on giving. The staff has continued their unabashed endorsement of the Flawed Fields development. In their reports to the Eagel County Board of Commissioners and the Roaring Fork Valley Regional Planning Commission, the staff has misrepresented facts, failed to interpret and uphold standards, cited incorrect and flawed studies, rubber-stamped inadequate submission materials, missed key filing deadlines, and generally neglected to provide factual recommendations.

The commissioners and Eagle County citizens deserve better.

These recommendations and analysis pertain but are not limited to: traffic studies, transit orientation, surrounding land usage and density, trail access, existing restrictions and covenants, off-street parking, and public benefit. Materials relating to these deficiencies may be viewed in detail at

Midvalley Eagle County development is running at full speed with construction underway of the Terrible Tree Farm. Residents, commuters and visitors can now see first hand this high-density project’s heavy footprint that has the aesthetic charm and architectural merit of the Mall of America meets Dodge City. We have yet to suffer its negative impact in terms of traffic, congestion, safety, pollution and degradation of the region.

The Flawed Fields poses a geographically more remote, high-density project with no public transit service on what is now zoned as a Rural Area. The staff has neglected teir mandate to objectively serve the public and the commissioners. Now the decision rests with Eagle County Commissioners Chandler-Henry, McQueeney and Scherr to deny the Flawed Fields.

Mark Fortunato 

El Jebel