Too rich to discount: Black Friday in Aspen |

Too rich to discount: Black Friday in Aspen

The Aspen Hive, a locally-owned jewelry shop, will host a local artisans event in their store on Small Business Saturday.
Josie Taris/Aspen Times

Does Black Friday matter in Aspen? 

Walking around downtown Aspen on Black Friday, you would never know that it was retail’s purported biggest day of the year. 

No lines, no flashy signs, barely a poster advertising a sale. And, no evidence of any business opening early. 

A few stores ran promotions, but you would have to ask an associate or spot the small sign in a picture frame to know for sure. 

Aviator Nation, a lifestyle-brand store, ran a 20%-off-the-whole-store sale and 40% on select items to match the company’s online promotion. Clothing store rag & bone is offering 25% until Monday. Cos Bar, a cosmetics and wellness store, is offering a $40 gift card for every $200 spent until Nov. 28. 

Many brands are following the national trend to extend Black Friday sales well beyond the Friday after Thanksgiving. 

Ultra-luxury brands Prada and Gorsuch ran no such deals. Aspen Sports did not run a sale, and neither did luxury-knitwear brand Carina Hildebrandt. Why would they? Money is less of an object for their target clientele. 

But, small, local businesses are able to occupy the sales vacuum. Aspen Hive is a locally-owned jewelry shop that sells a curated collection as well as custom pieces. Owner Cynthia Jankowski opened the store around six months ago and recently introduced cashmere to their product line. 

For Small Business Saturday, she is hosting an event in her store to promote local products. She said Aspen locals need a place to shop for the holidays without breaking the bank.

“I hope that locals come in and feel comfortable whether or not they buy something,” she said. Jewelry will be 20% off, and the store will feature products from other local artisans and businesses. She also said they offer coffee and cookies to anyone who stops by the store. 

Other small, local businesses like The Posh Peacock, a women’s clothing store in Basalt, are running promotions through the holiday sales weekend. 


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