Motherlode jump-serves another festival |

Motherlode jump-serves another festival

Dale Strode
The Aspen Times
Volleyball takes over Aspen again this week with the return of the annual Motherlode Volleyball Classic. Play will continue through Monday.
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Dig it.

The Motherlode Volleyball Classic is back in Aspen.

Marking its 43rd year as a Labor Day Weekend volleyball festival, the Motherlode Classic kicked off Wednesday with play in the Motherlode Masters Men’s 60s, Men’s 50s and Women’s 45s at Koch Lumber Park.

The divisions are part of the 21 different divisions that will feature 600 players in two-person, outdoor volleyball competition.

Longtime Motherlode director Leon Fell said that this year’s competition will see the inauguration of the Motherlode Masters DiG Magazine National Championships, featuring the best age-group players from all over the country competing in divisions ranging from 35-and-over to 60- and-over.

The age-group championships will be played at Koch Lumber Park in Aspen. Former pro beach players as well as former U.S. national team players will compete.

The highlight of the week of volleyball will be the open championships on Monday, per usual.

Play in amateur division will continue today and run through the weekend.

The schedule today features Motherlode Masters Men’s 55s, Men’s 45s and Women’s 35s.

Play will be conducted at Koch Lumber Park and Willoughby Park.

On Friday, play will take off in more divisions. Play is scheduled at Koch Lumber Park, Willoughby Park, Rio Grande Property and the Lower Moore Fields.

Divisions set for Friday are Coed Open, A, BB, and B divisions and Reverse Coed A and B divisions

Saturday will kick off the Men’s and Women’s Open divisions as well as A, BB and B.

Sunday’s schedule will see the same divisions in competition.

Monday’s open finals begin with eliminations at 9 a.m.

Also Monday, the Women’s B championships will kick off a day of championships that will run through the Men’s A championship at 2 p.m.

Open finals Monday will begin with the women at 4 p.m. and the men at 5 p.m.

Spectator admission is free.


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