Colbert: After my concussion, I’m back on my snowboard and it’s terrifying

I’m back. Sort of.

Last week, I wrote about getting a concussion while snowboarding on Aspen Mountain prior to the holidays. On Saturday, I got on my snowboard for the first time since Dec. 12, and it felt oh so good.

It was also terrifying. There is a long list of people who probably didn’t want me back on my snowboard quite yet, but when you’re a sports writer trying to cover a Grand Prix and Olympic qualifier, sometimes getting on a snowboard is a necessity for work.

I felt great in regards to my head, but I haven’t been that timid on a snowboard since I was learning the basics back in Steamboat Springs a few years ago. I got through the day just fine but not until we were heading home did I ever start to feel comfortable.

My concussion came on Day 15 this season. I’m at 17 as of Wednesday night and will probably have to accept that I won’t reach my goal of 100 days this winter. It’s amazing how an injury can really put things into perspective for you.

Still, I’m back, and just in time as an impressive winter storm was set to descend upon Aspen overnight. If I were to thank anyone over the past month — other than my wonderful coworkers who basically forbid me from touching my board during most of that stretch — I’d thank Mother Nature. Our lack of snow and rock-covered runs created little incentive for me to get out there.

So, as winter finally attempts to show up and stick around, I’m happy to be on the mend. I don’t think you’ll see me sending it off any cliffs anytime soon (let’s be real, my lack of skill is mostly to do with that), but I’m excited to leisurely cruise through some powder with the rest of you again. I’m still waiting for my first bowl lap of the year, but it’s coming soon enough.

Long story short, concussions are terrible. I’m just glad to mostly be back to normal.