Snowmass locals help launch new CBD skincare line |

Snowmass locals help launch new CBD skincare line

For Snowmass local Karina Marconi, the past four months have been a whirlwind.

In November, the former CHANEL account executive and Osvaldo Perez, a renowned makeup artist better known as O.P, did a soft launch of their new CBD skincare line, Antedotum.

Since then, the longtime friends and business partners have been working tirelessly to perfect their product, consuming all of the knowledge about CBD and its benefits and trying to keep up with demand for their new full-spectrum, proprietary CBD topical complex.

“I’ve been telling everyone that it’s been so much work but that if I could create a dream job, this is exactly what it would be,” Marconi said.

Three years ago, Marconi and her family relocated from Denver to Snowmass Village after falling in love with the Colorado mountains.

That’s about the same time Marconi joined forces with O.P to help expand his relatively new makeup line, O.P Makeup Studio, which was already being used at major events like the Miss Universe pageant.

It was the start of a creative, entrepreneurial partnership for the duo and the rekindling of their friendship, which roots back to their days working for CHANEL — Marconi as the account executive overseeing the Washington D.C. market and O.P as the national makeup artist.

“She was just so cute and would love it when I’d do her makeup,” O.P said of Marconi, noting they both had the last name of “Perez” when they first met.

“She asked me if I’d do her makeup for her wedding someday and I said yes, but after I left CHANEL I lost track of her.”

Years later, the former colleagues coincidentally ran into each other a few days before Marconi’s wedding, which O.P was able to do Marconi’s makeup for, and they’ve been close ever since.

“He’s an incredible human being,” Marconi said of O.P as a person and a 20-year national makeup artist with CHANEL. “Now he really is like a family member.”

After Marconi joined O.P, who is based in Florida, as a business partner about three years ago, the two did several pop-ups in the Aspen area and began talking about the potential of creating a CBD skincare line.

Both strive to empower and illuminate the beauty that lies within every person, according to their website, and feel using CBD for skincare adds to that mission.

While CBD is known for its therapeutic health benefits, Marconi said she, O.P and their customers also have experienced its potential to help reduce brown spots, inflammation and act as an anti-aging supplement.

“CBD works with our endocannabinoid system so much deeper than anything else out there on the market,” Marconi said.

Antedotum sold over $50,000 worth of products over the first month-and-a-half of its soft launch, O.P said, and is now being sold at Silverpeak and Local Coffee Shop in Aspen, along with a few locations in Miami.

The luxury CBD skincare line also has been selected as a finalist for Pure Beauty Global Awards 2020, and is set to launch nationwide by Mother’s Day.

“We’re determined to be the first CBD skincare line that’s biodynamic, clean, vegan and effective, that’s the most important thing,” O.P said. “We’re here to educate people and make sure they all understand what CBD can do for their skin.”

In the meantime, O.P, Marconi and her husband Christopher, the third Antedotum team member, have been rotating through a highly selective, 13-week business accelerator program and CBD crash course in Boulder with CanopyBoulder.

The venture capital group is investing in Antedotum and helping the team perfect everything about their business from cannabis education to product marketing, in preparation for the national launch.

Once they complete the program and Antedotum’s national launch, O.P and the Marconis have plans to quickly expand, potentially adding a doctor as a chief medical officer and merging O.P Makeup Studio with Antedotum to create a line of CBD-infused cosmetic and skincare products.

“We want to stay true to our cosmetic and beauty background, … but I do think there are benefits of CBD that we don’t even know and feel it is a wonderful thing for more than the cosmetic industry,” Marconi said.

“We’re not here to jump on some fad or this CBD craze. What we’ve done is tested, tried and true. We want to set standards and create products that will change people’s lives.”