Snowmass history: Chopper to the rescue |

Snowmass history: Chopper to the rescue

Helicopter used for skier shuttles between resorts, events also helped with transports to hospital

Aspen Historical Society

“Helicopter rescues skier, shuttles 3300,” declared The Snowmass Villager on April 11, 1968. “Recently, a young skier at Snowmass, Scott Neville, took a nasty fall and injured his back. Rather than subject him to unnecessary moving and traveling in an ambulance, the ski patrolmen radioed the helicopter. M.C. Mott, the pilot on duty that day for the helicopter shuttle service, answered the call, landed on the slopes near the injured boy and flew him to Aspen Valley Hospital where he was treated. By chance, Colorado Governor John Love, who was skiing with Stein Eriksen, happened to witness the rescue. ‘This is the greatest thing for skiing and Colorado I have ever seen,’ he said.”

Though the joint venture between Aspen Skiing Corp. and Pease-Hamilton was primarily used to shuttle skiers between mountains and to events, it had a side benefit of transporting several severely injured skiers directly to the hospital during the 1968 ski season.

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