Letter to the Editor: Ghosts of environment past, present and future

Tom Mooney

After reading “I can’t drive electrified” (Snowmass Sun, Aug. 25), I couldn’t not think about the classic Charles Dickens tale, “A Christmas Carol.”

Today, it won’t be the spirits of Christmas Past, Present and Yet to Come who will be rattling their chains at Roger Marolt. It will be the ghosts of Environment Past, Present and Yet to Come. People love transformation. Change brings hope to our world. Ebenezer Scrooge changed into a loving and empathetic man. Total transformation is exhilarating. The big lesson is one of hope.

You want a vehicle with either a 250-, 400-, or an incredible 1,000- mile battery pack? You need to check out Aptera Motors, the new American manufacturer. Hope is good for our mental well-being. It reduces our mountain-high suicide rate. And how often do you drive more than 300 miles without taking a pee break? A 10 minute snack would be good too, and you can fill up your battery electric vehicle then. People are doing this every day now.

Tom Mooney