Simon: No more affordable restaurants in Aspen

I just read that Mi Chola closing because the landlord wants to double the rent and receive 10% of the net income or he won’t renew their lease.

This is getting ridiculous.

Landlords in this town are increasing rents to the point that affordable restaurants can no longer do business here. And the restaurants that are here and are opening are more and more expensive. Not too long ago, there were many affordable casual restaurants to choose from. But now, there is hardly a handful, and the expensive restaurants are off the charts. As much as I love Aspen, I rarely go to dinner there, choosing Snowmass Village or Basalt instead.

I think it’s time the people in Aspen do something about this.

The only effective tool is your wallet. I would hope that people would not eat at expensive restaurants in Aspen. As a matter of fact, it would be nice if a group would get together to boycott restaurants deemed excessively, expensive, and even take measures to publicize that. If people just don’t go to those restaurants, eventually the landlords will have to lower their prices and make more affordable restaurants feasible.

It’s time for us to act.

Eric Simon

Snowmass Village

Letter to the Editor