Nakagawa: That’s not democracy |

Nakagawa: That’s not democracy

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

My family immigrated to this country — and specifically to Aspen — over 40 years ago. We have been afforded countless opportunities, have become a part of this amazing community, and have a deep connection to the people here.

We’ve also worked hard and been lucky enough to raise our own families here. So much has changed since that time. Some good, some bad, but the heart of our city has remained intact with the locals.

The past three years have made me open my eyes a lot more to local politics and city of Aspen leadership. Being affected directly by many of the policies put in place has made me pay more attention and want to be more involved.

Last summer, I was invited to a group started by locals who are tired of our town’s bureaucratic business-as-usual. What does it say about current local leaders when they ask a DJ and small-business owner to consider a run for council or mayor? 

I’m not running (this time), but I am endorsing people whom I think would stir things up and balance out a local government that agrees and votes unanimously on anything and everything. I’m sorry but that’s not a democracy. We need people who listen to everyone, not just people who voted for them.

Please consider your support and a vote for Bill Guth and Sam Rose for City Council, and Tracy Sutton for mayor. No matter your stance, vote March 7!

Michael Nakagawa