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We the People of the Roaring Fork Valley deserve cleaner air

Recently Mr. Will Hodges of 350 Colorado penned a guest commentary in The Aspen Times (“Gov. Polis threatens to veto bill giving teeth to his climate goals”), whereby Hodges is critical of Gov. Jared Polis who intends to veto SB-200, “The Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions — Increase Environmental Justice Act.”

While the GHG emissions reductions goals of SB-200 are quite worthy, it’s the method to get there with the Orwellian “Committee on Environmental Justice” that should frighten everyone. However, with climate in mind, for the Roaring Fork Valley to achieve the 90% CO2 reduction/2030 goals, there has to be developed in western Colorado a fundamentally new energy infrastructure, completely independent of the legacy inertia of relying on Second Wave utilities such as Holy Cross and Excel.

Here is a link to the new High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) “disruptive technology” to distribute over new microgrids, the soon coming “carbon-neutral electricity,” including “Blue Hydrogen Electricity (assets.siemens-energy.com/siemens/assets/api/uuid:405e0dab4b449fef20f123882700d4f496426149/emts-b10025-00-7600-ws-hvdc-classic144dpi.pdf). This HVDC technological innovation is perfect for the carbon-neutral electricity for the transportation sector of the Roaring Fork Valley, to transition away from the internal combustion engine into a zero emissions electric vehicle, including Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (HFCEV).

Its a fool’s errand to believe the Roaring Fork Valley will achieve a 26% reductions in GHG emissions by 2025 as envisioned by the state of Colorado. Conversely, in order to achieve a 50% GHG reduction by 2030, a new Third Wave energy infrastructure, independent of Holy Cross and Excel, must be innovated and created in the Roaring Fork Valley. The “HVDC carbon-neutral microgrid” is a new energy delivery infrastructure, with “HVDC” and “Blue Hydrogen,” to power “Green Hydrogen” fueling stations, (from Parachute to Aspen), to fuel HFCEVs.

The Garfield County treasury has over $15 million in the “Oil & Gas Mitigation Fund.” I propose to use that money to fund these preliminary consultants to present public proposals to We the People of the Roaring Fork Valley:

Time is of the essence: The Garfield County treasury has the cash in the Oil & Gas Mitigation Fund to fund the “seed corn capital” necessary to hire these two HVDC/Hydrogen consultants.

Carl L. McWilliams

Glenwood Springs