The left’s boundless hypocrisy

Unite against hypocrisy. Resist partisanship.

Self-Righteous Confirmation Bias (SRCB-20) is entering a dark winter in Washington, D.C., right now. As a reminder, peak SRCB-20 leads to demagoguery and hypocrisy. Look no further than 1) the Trump impeachment and 2) Trump supporters being labeled “domestic terrorists.”

First, an SRCB-20 negative perspective on the Trump impeachment: As Rand Paul correctly asked, should Maxine Waters be removed from office for encouraging her supporters to confront Trump officials? Or what about Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden not condemning the Antifa/BLM riots all summer? Those who suffer from SRCB-20 will undergo a neurological breakdown that ultimately leads to reaching the hypocritical justification of “Antifa/BLM was about seeking justice or Maxine Waters was not in DC saying those things.”

Second, for more than four years years, many on the left proudly branded themselves as “the resistance.” Flags around Aspen waved proudly with “resist“ n bold letters. These people vocally proclaimed “not my president” after Donald Trump won the 2016 election and continued to act upon those feelings for four years. Being SRCB-20 negative, I think that is perfectly fine. It is healthy to question authority and “resist” government. Unfortunately, the spirit of resistance is completely partisan. Those who thought they were patriotic and rebellious in 2017, are now mindless drones cheering any and all executive orders Joe Biden signs.

The lack of self-awareness is astounding. A rational, self-reflective person (SRCB-20 negative) would look at this situation and think “you know what, with how hard the left “resisted” Trump, I doubt unity is possible for a long time,” and that is where a core problem of SRCB-20 arises. When you’ve only consumed talking points that fuel your perspective, and further, you fundamentally believe your cause is more moral than all others, your mental capacity is limited to trusting your charlatan handlers in D.C. and believing something like “Trump voters are domestic terrorists.”

Chase McWhorter


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