The Cult of Covidism

In her letter “Vaccine refusal as veiled suicide,” Amy D. Ronner can imagine no other reason for a person declining to be injected with an experimental biologic that has not been approved by the FDA except for emergency use, other than that person’s deep-seated death-wish. This despite the fact that “death by Covid” is a very unlikely prospect for an otherwise healthy person under the age of 80, which is why there really is no “emergency” at present. Most people for whom existence is no longer desirable would be better served by meth or heroin abuse, or anorexia, or any of those other more “overt” means of suicide that she catalogs. If you’re courting death, Covid makes for a pretty lousy date.

As a student of suicide, I wonder if Ronner has ever turned her thoughts to the kind of broad-based, lemming-like societal suicide that has indeed been induced by the Cult of Covidism — with its costly and punitive lockdowns, it irrational and cruel masking of children, it rituals of purification, and mandates that amount to medical and governmental tyranny. America is currently killing itself — to a lesser extent, perhaps, than New Zealand and Australia, but to a far greater extent than Denmark or the UK, which has just wisely backed off from the insanity of “vaccine” mandates, with its “show me your papers” mentality.

Yes, we’re sick alright, spiritually more than physically in many cases, and suicide is an ultimate outcome. But I’m afraid I don’t find Dr. Ronner’s expertise in the subject very helpful.

Chad Klinger

Snowmass Village