Property taxes should not be a business |

Property taxes should not be a business

I think a tax-based power network is expanding the valley and here is how I think it is working based upon observations and what I have seen in other high property and income tax states. The network is based upon increasingly tax funded programs which employ or benefit significantly some of those who pushed for a tax. With a successful tax initiative, that group that worked on the initiative may become known as the go to group to get legislation passed and so the group gains power and they have more people indebted to them. Those that get tax funded jobs also will owe something to the group for future initiatives. So the political power of that group grows and grows and grows and taxes keep rising and rising and rising. High property taxes do not happen all at once, they are a gradual grab. That is why I almost always vote no on all property tax initiatives as I do not think getting property tax hike should be a business.

Mark Kwiecienski