Letter: Sandra Peirce for school board

I’m writing to encourage readers to cast a vote for Sandra Peirce to retain her seat on the Aspen School District Board of Education.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sandra on several fronts. She can be counted on for sound and intelligent thoughts that are followed by action. Sandra has played important roles in establishing the Healthy Community Fund, bringing an excellent college fair to Aspen and serving on a variety of boards and committees, where her quiet leadership and wealth of experience have directly benefited our community.

Sandra’s commitments to fairness, thoroughness and detail in all matters related to the well-being of children in our school district is an inspiration. Her most appealing trait may be her lack of desire to receive merit and recognition for her good work. That’s why I’m writing this letter.

Don’t forget to mail in your ballot. When you do, please include a vote for Sandra Peirce.

Michael Connolly