Chem trails aren’t a conspiracy |

Chem trails aren’t a conspiracy

It’s 8:41 on Thursday morning. There are three chemtrails, now acknowledged as solar radiation management or geoengineering, stretching from east to west. They are growing wider, joining and forming a thin overcast. There are only three, while multiple jets with normal contrails buzz to and fro. Once again, deep blue Colorado sky morphed into gray haze.

Since global warming is perceived by many as an imminent threat to civilization, it is dangerously naive to believe governments and those who control governments are going to sit back and simply let it all play out. Let’s not forget the military. Some genius realized that whoever controls the weather controls the battlefield. A battlefield they insist is worldwide.

Research deeper than Wikipedia (Chemtrails are a conspiracy theory!) or the MSM (Chemtrails are a conspiracy theory!) reveals ample evidence that particles of metals which reflect sunlight have been injected into our atmosphere for decades in an attempt to control global warming and weather systems. The effects of spraying massive amounts of aluminum into our environment are becoming too apparent to ignore.

The Northwest is the epicenter of both spraying and awareness of spraying. Aluminum and barium in the soil have dramatically increased way past acceptable levels and folks are catching on. There are whistleblowers, experts, obviously polluted skies, soil samples, sick people, dying plants, raging fires (tiny particles of aluminum are combustible, firefighters have never experienced such intensity) and very concerned citizens pleading to be heard all over the internet.

Meanwhile, Alzheimer’s disease which is linked to an accumulation of aluminum in the brain, also has increased dramatically, with no officially recognized cause.

Will Kesler


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