Aspen Times, Alpine Legal Services show liberal bias |

Aspen Times, Alpine Legal Services show liberal bias

The liberal bias of The Aspen Times was laid bare Sunday with the liberally biased title to the liberally biased event sponsored by Alpine Legal Services.

Here’s how Alpine Legal Services advertised the event: “Join us for an engaging, bipartisan conversation about the current facts surrounding the Mueller Report and its implications. Hear questions from both sides of this current event, being answered by two of the top legal minds in our country today.”

What ensued was a leftist hit job on our president, Donald Trump, so leftist that one of the “legal scholars” on the panel proclaimed that no knowledgeable voter should ever vote for Trump again. The Aspen Times even titled their article on the event “What to do about Trump.”

I’ll answer this easy question — re-elect him. Speak out against the dangers of radical liberalism. Restore Republican leadership to the U.S. House of Representatives, and restore Republican leadership to as many blue state governments as possible.

Until Democrats can put forward leaders who can lead with common sense, intelligence and integrity, like John Hickenlooper, for example, I say vote the bums out.

I also say, if Alpine Legal Services, the Aspen Institute, or any other think tank plans an event that they well know will have a leftist agenda, bill it as such.

John Hornblower

Snowmass Village