Aspen needs to invest in solar-powered cars

This letter was address to Aspen City Council.

The new Aptera is the first mass-produced solar-powered EV. It is so efficient that depending on your driving habits you may never have to charge it up! In an average U.S. location, its own photovoltaic cells on its hood, roof and back will add 40 miles of range, just park it outside. The standard model has 400 miles of range.

Council, dedicate a parking spot for the one you buy CarToGo in the southeast corner of Cooper Avenue and Spring Street and put a little sign there about driving on self-generated solar power. It won’t be free advertising as exposure there will be so valuable to Aptera Motors. How much is that worth? A free car? A huge discount? Negotiate. And put an Aptera ad on the doors so that when I drive it to Glenwood Springs people will be inspired. Clean, non-polluting, sustainable and renewable energy is our future.

Tom Mooney