Aspen Mountain Rescue to the rescue, again |

Aspen Mountain Rescue to the rescue, again

I read another article in The Aspen Times (July 18, 2022) regarding the efforts of 23 Mountain Rescue Aspen (MRA) volunteers to successfully assist an injured hiker off Snowmass Mountain and to transport her (with the assistance of careFlight helicopter) to AVH.

This type of rescue story occurs so frequently that I believe we take for granted the efforts of MRA. This should not be the case. The citizens of and visitors to Aspen and the surrounding communities should, whenever possible, recognize the continuing contributions of MRA volunteers. Their work is extremely dangerous and they provide this lifesaving service as volunteers. (Stated differently, they ain’t paid.)

The leadership of the Roaring fork Valley and its citizens should formally and frequently acknowledge these contributions and encourage fund raising opportunities for MRA.  Each of us cannot fully appreciate the value of their service until each of us is forced to call upon MRA to assist/save our life. Thank you.

Mark Silverman

Aspen and Chevy Chase, Maryland