Hagedorn: Maybe allegorical meat?

In his June 9 letter, Robert Cross informs us that, “Yes, Adam and Eve were vegetarians, but when they ignored God’s command (sin), things changed, and animal meat became a staple in our diets.” 

Eating was the original sin in the Bible. What do Adam and Eve eat?

All they have to do in the story is eat allowed fruit that is not fruit from the tree of life that is not a tree. But instead, they choose to eat forbidden fruit that is also not fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil that is also not a tree, the nontree of life’s next-door neighbor nontree in the center of the Garden that is not a garden. So what do they eat?

They disobey the commandment — their first commandment — to “be fruitful and multiply (in the Garden)” before donning the infamous telltale fig leaf aprons after they become one flesh incorrectly by eating allegorical fruit from the allegorical wrong tree in the allegorical Garden’s center.  

Robert Hagedorn