Fortunato: The Fields must be denied |

Fortunato: The Fields must be denied

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Jon Fredericks — of Landwest Colorado LLC representing the Fields developer at the Feb. 21, Eagle County Board of Commissioners meeting — conceded, “The Fields is not a transit-oriented development.” He also stated, “We are certainly not intending to be a transit-oriented development. We have not proposed or made that contention anywhere in the application.” (Eagle County TV video, 2/21/23, time stamp, 2:39:00-2:39:54)

His statements are completely contrary to the plans and applications that the Fields developer has submitted to Eagle County. Those plans, in fact, propose and contend the project to be a transit-oriented development, as is required. His statement that “the Fields is not a transit-oriented development” is in direct violation of the standards set forth in the land-use regulations. How can this developer be relied upon as to the accuracy and veracity of their applications and submissions?

The Fields application, despite being supported by the negligent and flawed oversight of the Eagle County Planning and Engineering departments, is riddled with issues that warrant its disapproval: no transit orientation, no existing or planned pedestrian trail, flawed traffic studies and surveys, non-compatibility with surrounding development and land usage, safety issues and violation of Eagle County standards, among numerous other issues.

Aside from the stated facts and evidence, it is simply beyond the realm of sound contemporary community planning and simple common sense to even contemplate approval of a project with many hundreds of residents in multifamily buildings that is not at all served by public transit or a pedestrian trail.

The Board of County Commissioners is dutifully and legally bound to uphold Eagle County rules and standards. The Fields development must be denied.

Mark Fortunato

El Jebel