Baker: Disconnected from needs of animals |

Baker: Disconnected from needs of animals

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I was hired by the Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office in 1983 and retired in 2021. I am not a disgruntled former employee, far from it. Neither are many other former employees who have spoken up. The truth is sometimes hard to hear when it hits home.

Sheriffs Kienast and Braudis and I would talk for hours about animal-control issues. They cared about the animals in Pitkin County, and the time and dedication I gave to animal issues. 

Joe DiSalvo is the only sheriff that I worked with who showed little to no real interest in the animal safety department or what I did while running the department. He never recognized my role as a board member for the State Animal Control Association and all the work I did in that capacity from 1994-2018.

As I wrote in a previous letter, there is still no vehicle available for an animal-emergency evacuation, though DiSalvo cites wildfire as one of the real dangers in Pitkin County. He is disconnected from the needs of the animals in Pitkin County.

I have nothing against Joe DiSalvo personally. Joe gave me a retirement party and a nice plaque. But, this does not negate the fact there is a disconnect in the Sheriff’s Office. I strongly believe the Sheriff’s Office needs a sheriff who will be present and available to all of his staff. Electing Michael Buglione will bring that change.

Please vote for Michael Buglione by Nov. 8.

ReRe Baker

El Jebel