Obituary: Kenneth Steven Tilton |

Obituary: Kenneth Steven Tilton

Kenneth Steven Tilton
Kenneth Steven Tilton
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January 29, 1957 – March 3, 2022

The valleys of Telluride and Aspen lost a dear friend, Kenneth Steven “Steve” Tilton on March 3, 2022. Steve enriched the lives of everyone he touched. It’s with great sadness that we have to continue on without him but we are grateful for the countless treasures he left behind.

Steve had many special gifts and shared them generously with everyone he loved. Whether you were his golf or hiking buddy, motorcycle companion, travel partner, or mountain biking mate, Steve was happiest spending quality time with his loved ones and friends. Steve exuded a special energy and outgoing nature that made every activity fun. He was a natural story-teller and never bungled the punchline of a joke. When he would see your reaction, his trademark twinkling blue eyes would light up with delight.

A wealth of knowledge of many things big and small, Steve had an innovative and creative way of embracing life. Steve was a free thinker with strong opinions, but he was also open-minded and never judgmental of others. Unusually unselfconscious and comfortable in his own skin, Steve was courageous and fearless, playful and spontaneous, cerebral and kind. Steve was a modern day Renaissance Man – a voracious reader, excellent cook, gardener, tinkerer and collector – he had a creative eye that saw things through a unique lens that others often missed. A student of music and film, as well as a great dancer, he had impeccable taste and manners, and oh, so much style. And Steve could MacGyver anything – from a dripping faucet to a broken heart. His greatest skill was his ability to listen and give you advice that was ‘spot on’. If you were his friend, he was loyal to the end.

Steve was happiest in the outdoors and respected the awe of Mother Nature. He taught many to mountain bike, set up a campsite, ski, skin, ride a motorcycle, spot an Eagle or a Shooting Star. Double rainbows were his favorite. In the mountains, Steve was known for helping those in distress. A good one to run into if you had a situation. He never met a stranger who didn’t become a friend. His keen wit and calm charisma, with sparkling blue eyes, were disarming and put you immediately at ease. Steve was the essence of grace and charm, a true gentleman to the core.

With a heavy heart, we will miss and cherish all of Steve’s beautiful attributes, but we live each day better having known him. Be at peace and “Sweet Dreams”.

Join us for a Celebration of Steve’s Life, Monday, June 27th 4pm-7pm on the Rooftop of the Buck in Telluride. Stop by and bring a sweet story or tender toast to share!