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When KSNO mattered

Dear Editor:

I loved the article by Tim Willoughby about KSNO (“Aspen’s own radio station,” May 1, 2011, Aspen Times Weekly). Back in the ’60s I was driving across the country a lot. Listening to radio stations out of New York, Chicago, Oklahoma City and New Orleans on AM kept me awake and on the road. But once we got to Eagle we knew we could pick up KSNO.

The programming of KSNO was so great that we did not need those other stations. The word was eclectic: brilliant folk, rock, jazz, classical and even occasionally gospel.

Their programming put to shame the kind of radio that we have to listen to today. Only KJAX and KDNK come close to the brilliance of KSNO from 1964 and onward into the early 1970s. Would that we would have some courageous DJs who could give us this kind of music instead of the pap that I hear today.

And in this valley can’t we get rid of Rush Limbaugh …

Andy Hanson


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