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Vox Populi

What do you think about the Olympics in Beijing?Dave Wabs WalbertAspen I think that the Olympics are great and I dont think that we should make it into a political argument. Herb Beshar Malibu, Calif. I think there are going to be some serious security concerns. And because its in Beijing I feel a little detached in terms of watching it. Keith Venrich Aspen I watch it when I can. Theres always someone complaining about something, but I think its cool that its in Beijing. Nicholas FerraraAspen Im for sure going to watch it. Megan AbrahamsCanton, Kan.Im probably not going to watch it. Dustin Abrahams Canton, Kan. Im going to watch some of it. I think the Olympics isnt political; its all fun and games.Chris Coats Hillboro, Kan. Ill probably watch some of it. I like watching the basketball. Mikki Tritsch Of course well watch it. We love gymnastics.