Vasque Breeze: Putting a new spring in my step |

Vasque Breeze: Putting a new spring in my step

Charles Agar

Years ago, I had a pair of Vasque boots that weathered some seriously rugged living, from long hikes to standing in beer-swill-filled fraternity basements to a short career in construction.

So when the folks at Vasque asked if I’d like to demo a pair of Vasque Breeze, a light hiking boot, I didn’t hesitate.It’s been a while since I’ve done much hard-core backpacking or carrying lots of weight, so in the last few years I’ve been day-hiking in low-cut trail runners or running shoes.And that was the first thing I noticed about these new Vasques: High ankle support without restricting movement.

Vasque Breeze are lightweight with a breathable Gore-Tex and leather upper, almost like a trail runner with tops.With good arch support and a flexible sole, these puppies put a spring in my step, and the best part is that I haven’t had any uncomfortable break-in period.I put the boots on. They fit perfectly. And off I went.

There have been no “warm spots,” much less the kind of blisters that are the usual hallmark of new boots for me.According to Vasque specs, the boots are made for day hikes in warm, dry conditions, but I reckon I’ll push the envelope and use them for winter après-ski and longer hikes with a loaded pack someday.I haven’t dragged these boots through the proverbial mud yet, but I did get them wet on a short autumn leaf-peeping walk. They were warm when wet and dried quickly.Vasque Breeze lists for $115, but I found discounts as low as $60 on some online wholesale sites – not much more than the cost of the average sneaker.