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Unfair treatment by Skico

Dear Editor:

It is unfair that Lee Mulcahy, after a year, is still banned from all Aspen Skiing Co. properties, including restaurants, lodges, the four mountains that Skico leases from the Forest Service, etc. Lee’s crime, for which he was also fired after 14 years of service, was to protest low, unfair wages for beginning employees (about $69 per day). A lift ticket for a day is $108. He also brought up unionization.

Just like Occupy Wall Street protesters, Lee had to be crushed by a greedy corporation with the cooperation of a compliant legal system. It is clear that government works to protect corporations. Meanwhile Aspen builds employee housing, at taxpayer expense, to subsidize Skico so it can continue to pay low wages.

It is time that Skico officials lifted the ban on Mulcahy so he can ski Aspen’s mountains and socialize with his friends on Skico properties. He is a great person who had the courage to speak out when he saw injustice.

Cathleen Krahe

Missouri Heights