The Middle East mess |

The Middle East mess

Dear Editor:

Is it time for President Obama to go to the Middle East and speak to the Israelis and Palestinians? Also, to convene a major peace conference, like Bush did in Madrid? Perhaps, in Jerusalem.

Netanyahu is trying to persuade Germany and other countries not to recognize the new state of Palestine in September. He’s wasting his time. If the Palestinians declare their own state without a peace treaty with Israel, then Israel cannot impose anything on them. Expect the worst.

Israel wants to be called a Jewish state. How insulting to its 22 percent Arabs. Hate is overtaking its democratic principle. Can’t rent to Arabs; investigating left-wing opposition; what’s next – a police state? God didn’t help Jews in the Holocaust. Will God save Israel from itself?

An independent Palestinian state could be taken over by the Hamas through the election process, or force as they did in Gaza.

Richard Goodwin

Snowmass Village

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