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‘The Dogs of Aspen’ series benefits Aspen Animal Shelter

Staff report
This was the top selling photo for Gray Malin from his entire website for 2022.
Gray Malin/Courtesy Photo

Last winter, The Little Nell and fine art photographer Gray Malin collaborated on a photo series featuring dogs on and around the slopes.

From the mountain vistas atop Aspen Mountain to the après-ski moments at The Little Nell, he aimed to capture the alpine lifestyle with a pack of furry friends outfitted in winter accessories – from goggles to knit hats to striped scarves. Cast in a range of breeds and sizes, the pet guests came from Aspen and farther afield, including Dalmations, a Chesapeake Bay retriever, a German shepherd, and a Frenchie, among others.  

From “The Dogs of Aspen” series, here lounging at The Little Nell.
Gray Malin/Courtesy Photo

“The Dogs of Aspen” series was launched on his website in January 2022 with proceeds from the first year of online sales earmarked for a local beneficiary, the Aspen Animal Shelter – a cause dear to The Little Nell and Malin. 

Malin is a Los Angeles-based fine-art photographer, aerial photographer and author. He is known for his photo collections of remote locations, as well as his aerial photographs of various destinations.

One of the images, “Chairlift Pups,” was the top selling print for 2022 on graymalin.com. Malin is perhaps best known for his aerial photography from Australia, Italy, Brazil, Bhutan, Hawaii, and beyond.

The total amount donated to the Aspen Animal Shelter was $62,000.

The Aspen Animal Shelter had $62,000 donated to it from the proceeds of “The Dogs of Aspen.”
Aspen Animal Shelter/Courtesy Photo

“When I create fine art photography series in small communities like Aspen, it’s important to me to give back,” he said. “It was evident to me prior to my shoot, walking through Aspen with my kids, that animals are such a special part of this community. I am thrilled to be able to donate to the Aspen Animal Shelter through the power of my photography. Working with local dogs on my ‘Dogs of Aspen’ project was truly an unforgettable experience.”   

Seth Sachson and Bland Nesbit, co-founders of the shelter, shared their gratitude. 

Oliver is a quiet, 11.5 year old Chihuahua/Pomeranian mix who is wary of new people. Oliver will warm up over time, but earning his trust requires patience and will not happen overnight.
Aspen Animal Shelter/Courtesy Photo

“Friends of the Aspen Animal Shelter is ecstatic to be chosen as the beneficiary of the ‘Dogs of Aspen’ photo series,” said Sachson. “This incredibly generous contribution will help us to continue to make a difference for the animals of Aspen, Pitkin County and beyond.” 

“Pet overpopulation is a critical problem in this country, with millions of dogs and cats being euthanized every year,” Nesbit said. “This has been the impetus for our robust spay/neuter program. In addition to the 23 participating vets within Colorado and beyond, we have begun to sponsor additional spay/neuter clinics, particularly in the Four Corners region where owners cannot afford veterinary services and where overpopulation and disease are prolific. With this incredibly generous gift from Gray Malin’s ‘Dogs of Aspen’ series in conjunction with The Little Nell, we will be able to fund more of these special weekend clinics, where as many as 100 animals can be neutered in one day! We are so grateful for this amazing gift.”  

Amelia is a happy, sweet, active, athletic, 2-year-old Cattle Dog who gets along well with everyone. Bubbling with personality and very affectionate.
Aspen Animal Shelter/Courtesy Photo

“The canine culture in Aspen is strong,” Sachson said. “The dogs’ status in Aspen spans from fashion accessory to hunting partner, with every role between. Needless to say, Aspen is dog, and dog is Aspen.”  

Visit the Sundeck to see select images framed and displayed from the series or shop online at graymalin.com/photography/series/dogs-of-aspen