The cancer conspiracy |

The cancer conspiracy

Dear Editor:

M.D. Anderson cancer folks were here recently. It was a long “info” commercial. Each time they are here I ask them about an inexpensive and effective cancer drug at any stage, Hydrazine Sulfate ( I get the same answer each time – “never heard of it, but I’ll get back to you.” Of course, they never do.

The “cancer conspiracy” makes all of the other scams look like a Sunday school picnic. The NCI has trashed Hydrazine Sulfate for years. You judge for yourself. The inventor, Dr. Joseph Gold, has a blog: You can read, “Your dog has a better chance to survive cancer than you,” “Meditated Manslaughter,” etc.

Believe it or not, over $200 billion is spent per year on research with much duplication. Like Anderson, there is a reluctance to share results.

Why? If there was a cure, there would be a lot of those in the “cancer conspiracy” that would lose their jobs, grants, contributions, and the list goes on. We are talking about big money here.

The Prostate Cancer Foundation, Santa Monica, Calif., requires all doctors and scientists that receive grants to post their work on the Internet for all to see.

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What is needed is a federal commission to bring together a cohesive policy for cancer research to be adopted by the World Health Organization. Share today’s results today.

Richard C. Goodwin

Snowmass Village

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