Sparhawk deserves another term in Carbondale

As a resident of unincorporated Garfield County, I do not have the opportunity to vote in this election; however, if I did, I would vote to re-elect Erica Sparhawk. A proven leader, rooted in compassion, integrity and community, with the skills to ensure Carbondale recognizes and meets the variety of challenges facing our town.

I had the opportunity to work with Erica throughout the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic via our respective positions on the Carbondale Emergency Task Force, where leaders from various community efforts were gathered to ensure the town was meeting the needs of all of Carbondale’s residents. In those zoom calls, Erica showcased assets I find most beneficial and collaborative in a leader: She was inquisitive, compassionate and energetic.

As Erica pursues her second term as a trustee, she has highlighted some of the issues she’s most interested in solving with the community, including affordable and attainable housing, raising up the issues facing our most vulnerable populations and the ongoing battle with climate change. Erica takes her trustee seat with grace, dignity and curiosity, her humility has been an incredible asset to the town for four years, and I’m hoping you’ll vote her in for four more.

Sydney Schalit