Skico backs employee |

Skico backs employee

Dear Editor:

There has been a burst of flak toward Aspen Skiing Co. recently. As such, I feel the need to throw in my two cents. This week is the third anniversary of my termination by the company. I had a breakdown from post-traumatic stress disorder fueled by drug addiction. My actions at that time were so egregious that anything but termination would have been indefensible.

Irrespective of what the Supreme Court says, a company is not a person. A company is a group of individuals working together and is only as good or bad as those individuals. In my case those individuals made it possible for me to get therapy and get into a rehab program under my insurance. I was told that if I successfully completed rehab and was cleared by therapy to return to work, I would have my job back.

During a meeting with Mike Kaplan and Jim Lange, I thanked them. Mike’s reply was “Mongo, you’ve been here 25 years. You’ve earned and deserve our support.” This was not the tack of my other employers, who could not make me persona non grata fast enough.

I completed rehab and was eventually cleared to return to work. When my original team would not have me back, Jim’s take was “Mongo, we made a deal with you. You kept up your end. Now it’s time for us to hold up ours.” And Jim found me a place where I would thrive.

Now some may see Skico as a scaly monster living in a cave, eating puppies. My experience is vastly different. In my experience, they walk the walk.

Thank you for your kind attention. Questions, comments, criticisms?

Michael Ferrara