Sex & Relationships for Week of May 23 |

Sex & Relationships for Week of May 23

Sex & Relationships for Week of May 23Again the same issues this week as last, so I will repeat last weeks entry and add some more thoughts on it all…The main trends I see with Sex & Relationships are (1) that Venus is retrograde, forcing us to go much more deeply into ourselves and our issues of love, value, beauty, appreciation, harmony and more. You will be thinking and talking about all this for quite a while – it is a big and important issue so will be around long enough for us to make use of it properly and get the… uh… value!The second one is that there is a lot of energy around parents and nurturing, how they did or did not and what was missing that we can now provide for ourselves and each other. There is a softening of old barriers and walls and gentleness coming into tough places. Cool !As well you are breaking through some very old tough and thick walls with your parents and that is leading to new freedom for you, including freedom from the past. It also means that you can merge the best of the past with all that is arriving and here that is new. For the next two weeks – as if the current revolution is not enough, you will also be going through a lot of ego dissolving – which usually comes with fears and feelings of insecurity and lack of worth or solidness, no place to be – floating in space and a tad unreal.Its OK, your ego IS dissolving so more of the real you can come through. 2004 Tomas GregoryAND do remember to visit for more Daily Astrology, as printed every weekday in The Aspen Times newspaper, the paper of record for Aspen, Colorado.

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