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RFTA driver exudes understanding of Bells

Dear Editor:

Last week I had occasion to take a bus from Rubey Park to Highlands, then transfer buses for Maroon Bells, and I was delighted with the wealth of information passengers received from enthusiastic driver John Paddington.

This RFTA driver exudes a depth of understanding of the geological, historic and modern information, and he sprinkles his guided tour with a delightful sense of humor.

Everyone on the bus was silent, intent on hearing every interesting bit of information John Paddington so skillfully shared with us. It’s apparent this man used to be an educator because he speaks intelligently about the formation and evolution of the mountains, and he exudes an enthusiasm which is contagious.

We are fortunate to have a RFTA driver who brings such passion and dedication to his work which enhances our enjoyment of these majestic mountains.

Susan O’Neal


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