PitCo ballot issue pros and cons due by Sept. 22

Ballot issue pros and cons for the Nov. 7 election are being collected now.
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Local election officials are now collecting comments from the public detailing the pros and cons of five ballot tax issues in the Pitkin County Coordinated Election, Nov. 7.  The comments collected from the public will be published in the TABOR (Taxpayer Bill of Rights) notice and mailed to all voters 30 days before this November’s election.   

“The Clerk and Recorder Office is required by the Colorado Constitution to publish a TABOR Notice for ballot tax issues,” said Pitkin County Clerk and Recorder Ingrid K. Grueter.  “Any elector registered in each of the districts who wishes to submit a pro or con statement regarding the five financial issues on this year’s ballot may submit their comments to the Designated Election Official of each district. The submitted comments will be included in the published TABOR Notice,” Grueter said.

Local tax issues on the November ballot come from the following four jurisdictions, and comments should be emailed to the designated election official (DEO) of each district as indicated below:

Only registered voters residing in the political subdivision and eligible to vote on the issues may submit comments on the issue, and comments must include a signature where the signer is registered to vote. The deadline for written comments for the TABOR notice shall be filed by noon on Friday, Sept. 22. TABOR notices will be mailed to all registered voters no later than Friday, Oct. 6. 

For more Pitkin County election information, including a soon-to-be-posted sample ballot with the text of all ballot races and measures, go to