One sneaky sneaker resurfaces |

One sneaky sneaker resurfaces

Charles AgarAspen, CO Colorado
Aspen Police Department patrol Sgt. Steve Smith stands next to the shoe chair, which was returned mysteriously Friday morning. (Charles Agar/The Aspen Times)

ASPEN A pair of thieves in Aspen grew a conscience this week and returned an oversized shoe chair stolen March 9 from the Sneaker Ball at the St. Regis Resort.Wrapped in black cloth with a pink bow and a card that sang Brenda Lee’s “I’m sorry” when opened, the shoe chair, done in rainbow swirls and fuzzy yellow lining, was left like an abandoned orphan on the doorstep of the Aspen Police station around 1 a.m. Friday.

“They’re the symbol of the Sneaker Ball,” said event organizer Al Gross. Guests of the 20-year event traditionally pose for photos in front of the shoes and an oversized guitar. “I’m just glad to have the chair back.”Just like the oversized pickle at Johnny McGuire’s Deli goes missing from time to time, Aspen Police Officer Adam Crider said it’s usually a case of kids pulling a prank, but said the department would continue to investigate.After being caught on a surveillance camera last week making off with one of shoe chairs, the thieves decided to bring it back, Gross said.

“I think they just dropped in for the party and saw the chairs,” Gross said. He believes the men caught on tape are locals, and though he would like to find out who they are, he added the way they returned the shoe was almost like an apology.A card with a perky Boston terrier on the front read “I knew it. I knew it. I knew it.” When opened, the card sang and read, “But I blew it.”

Forensics experts were busy dusting the card for prints Friday afternoon.Police have no leads – they haven’t been able to obtain identities from the videotape – and the investigation is ongoing.Charles Agar’s e-mail address is