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Old technology for a new century

Dear Editor:I read with interest your editorial of Sept. 20 (“New voices welcome in transportation discussion”) and agree with you that it is not necessary to “reinvent the wheel.” You emphasized a “resource-efficient, climate-friendly, multimodal transportation system” … “to serve the valley and compete with the private automobile.”If New Century is really serious about a viable alternative to the automobile, they need look no farther than Denver, Salt Lake or Portland, where light rail provides reliable and fast transportation in all weather conditions. Ever-increasing traffic volumes in the Roaring Fork Valley justifies a serious look at light rail as a permanent solution. Not to consider light rail as an option would do a disservice to the commuting public. Let’s hope New Century takes a serious look at “old century” technology.Aspen prides itself as a leader in the world of art, music and skiing. But our reliance on an asphalt highway as the only way, with all its congestion and pollution, is contrary to our self-image as a “green resort.”The future is what we make it! So get real! Get rail!Jim MarkalunasAspen

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