No need to be upset |

No need to be upset

Dear Editor:

Concerning naturalized Asian-American Yuni Aaron’s Aug. 5 letter, “All-American xenophobia,” she should neither resent nor be upset by my correct public take on Jim Crown’s political stooge, Obama Boy.

She would do herself a great service to research and study the history of Asians in America, especially before the modern civil rights laws were enacted, from 1964 to today.

Furthermore, I invite her and her hubby to join John D. Rockefeller III’s Asia Society to uplift themselves around worthwhile people. I was one of the Asia Society’s Southern California center’s first members.

The Asia Society is the premier Asian group in America and is highly regarded worldwide.

Yuni Aaron, don’t try to put on a show to impress those not in the know. We know about Ann Arbor, Mich., which you claim, don’t we? Who is fooling who?

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Emzy Veazy III