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Make up your own mind

In response to Barney Wyckoff’s recent letter regarding Aspen Magazine’s printing of an excerpt from Hal Thau’s recently published autobiography, I’m always glad to know how thoroughly Aspen citizens such as Wyckoff read Aspen Magazine and that they consider it to be a “respected periodical.”

We pride ourselves on our educated and critical readership and welcome any comment regarding our publication.

As to Thau’s book, specifically, the story of his life certainly encompasses far more than just his association with John Denver. In my opinion, neither the book nor the excerpts published in our magazine purport to make Thau responsible for Denver’s success or portray Thau in a self-aggrandizing manner.

I suggest that any friends, associates or fans of Denver who are interested should read the spring issue of Aspen Magazine and Thau’s book and make up their own minds.

Janet O’Grady

Editor in Chief/Publisher

Aspen Magazine

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