Tweet All About It: Aspen food and whining |

Tweet All About It: Aspen food and whining

Each week, we pick out our favorite and not-so-favorite tweets (at least those that are printable) about Aspen and display them on Sunday’s page A2.

• “Wine Country International Editors in #aspen and #snowmass for the next 4 days! @foodandwineclassic” — @vinotasting

• “Given the horrible experience on our way to Aspen with @united last Sunday (delays / cancellations), we now have no confidence in United Airlines for our flight tomorrow. Safer and better to take a shuttle! @SerpellLab @YoussraHilaly” — @mahmoudbukar

• “Congratulations to #Aspen, Colorado for becoming the first city in the state to prohibit the sale of flavored tobacco products!” — @StanfordTPT

• “i am a HUGE tree hugger and I love the planet earth. but i really dont like @areday in #aspen i must have a low tolerance for B.S.” — @AspenSpin

• “Just read that Martha Stewart is in Aspen for food and Wine. Looked up from my newspaper and saw a little old lady walk by me…and get into an “official Food and Wine SUV…it was her. Reallllly strange timing…” — @marcostrofsky

• “This travel journalist experiencing very unfriendly skies in #Aspen with @United today with cancellation of #5339 #United @FlyAspenAirport” — @roving81611

• “The average home price in Aspen is $4 million, and many homes sell for more than $15 million. What’s more, 60% of homes sell for cash. I’m guessing that the higher the price, the more likely a cash sale. #aspen #gentrification #classinequality #sociology @NaomiUCPress” — @stubes2006

• “Aspen Food & Wine Classic…summer in Aspen is the best! #aspen #foodandwine #colorado #luxurylifestyle” — @dericks1

The Aspen Times can be found on Twitter, as well. Simply type “TheAspenTimes” (no spaces) into the search bar, and get daily updates on what’s happening in the Roaring Fork Valley.

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