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Irresponsible drilling

I attended the blast in Rulison. I was chosen to represent the Aspen High School students opposing the blast, along with Jay Cowan. We sat down with members of the Atomic Energy Commission prior to the blast and expressed our disapproval.

Over the many years that I have lived in Aspen, I have known several people who have been diagnosed with cancer, many having lost their lives.

Frequently these people are in the prime of their lives, young and healthy. Breast cancer is also on the rise in this “pristine” and beautiful valley. I have often wondered if radioactive air could be seeping through the ground, and especially since the winds and weather often blow in our direction from Rulison.

When the blast was detonated, all the land shook, as we watched enormous dust clouds ascending from the tops of the mountains and hills. It felt like a very strong earthquake.

I feel that it is irresponsible to assume that there will be no problems with drilling again in that area. It is a risk that will affect us all, along with the generations to follow. Radioactive air, water and gas will certainly change the quality of life we so dearly protect in our valley.

Judy Haas



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