Immigrants shouldn’t get special treatment |

Immigrants shouldn’t get special treatment

Dear Editor:

In response to the Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition accusing Officer Agon of using his position to profile Latino students, it must be understood that Officer Agon takes an oath to uphold and enforce all the laws of the state of Colorado, and that includes all immigration laws.

If this whining female on 9 News has parents in the US of A that are here without the proper papers, Officer Agon has the duty to arrest them for breaking the law. Just because they are Latino doesn’t give them the right to break the law.

When are you Latinos going to realize that you must adhere to the laws of the United States, or you should go home. Period. You are no different than any one from Russia, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, Canada or Brazil. Just because you came from Mexico or El Salvador doesn’t give you the right to violate the laws of the United States.

My great-grandfather came from Denmark in 1791, and he had to learn English and get proper papers before he could settle. Why do Latinos think they are any different? Latinos, get it right or get out. And Officer Alvaro Agon, keep up the good enforcement.

We, the citizens of the Roaring Fork Valley, support you.

James A. Wingers


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