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I have a problem

My name is Aaron Cohen and I have a problem. I got myself in trouble down in Glenwood. I got a DUI.

I’m trying to put this in back of me, but my problem is I’m supposed to take an alcohol-related class. The court gave me an indigent status – as you know, work has been very hard to find. So I went to the school for the program and they say they won’t honor the paper from the court, that they are not required to.

They say that they are assessing me a fine also. They are not the court. The judge is the only one that can do that. I have to take the class, it is ordered by the court, or I can go to jail if I don’t comply with it.

I feel that if you are mandated, you should be able to go to the class. I know I am not alone in this town in how I feel. The program name is Colorado West Mental Health Center. If you know anyone that can help me with this situation, I would appreciate it.

P.S. I live in my van and don’t even have money to insure it or plates. But they want money I don’t even have. I have no phone.

Aaron Cohen

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