High Country: Cheeba Chews debuts live rosin line of edibles in Colorado

The legacy cannabis brand’s new taffy is handcrafted in limited edition strain and flavor profiles.

Katie Shapiro
High Country

Although artisanal chocolates, gourmet gummies and fancy confections have become the norm in the cannabis edibles department, one Colorado company has not wavered from its original mission as it keeps innovating and setting a higher standard for the industry.

Cheeba Chews, founded in 2009 and arguably the first-ever real edibles “brand” in both the medical marijuana and post- legalization eras, earned a cult following from the beginning for its effective and tasty Tootsie Roll-like treats. Since then, the classic chocolate offering has grown into a complete collection of caramels and juicy fruit taffies featuring an entourage of emerging cannabinoids like CBG, CBN and THCV.

“We are rooted in our core founding principles of ‘potent, consistent and discreet’ no matter what products we develop,” shared co-owner and chief marketing officer Eric Leslie. “As a market leader for over a decade, we have an obligation to help continue pushing the evolution of edibles. New research continues to show how minor cannabinoids can have a major impact on our day-to-day lives, and we see this as an opportunity to introduce the potential of cannabis to an even wider consumer audience.”

Following the debut of its popular Wellness Line last summer — Cheeba Chews has launched Strain Specific Taffy ($25 for a package of 10 bite-sized pieces). The initial release is available exclusively in Colorado and features two flavors and strain profiles including Sour Apple x Ice Cream Cake (for a calming and sleepy effect) and Strawberry x Grape Gelato (for an energizing and euphoric effect) with different drops each quarter. Cheeba Chews plans to expand to its existing partner states (California, Massachusetts, Nevada and Oklahoma) later this year.

“We have always infused our edibles with a combination of THC and supporting cannabinoids, but by preserving the profile of both cannabinoids and terpenes, we’re serving a very memorable experience that aligns as closely as possible to the true complexity of an individual flower strain,” Leslie said of Cheeba Chews’ inspiration in creating a live rosin product.

Live rosin-based edibles have gained shelf space in recent years with the debut of new brands like Dialed In…Gummies, which uses a sous vide technique, and Äkta, a locally-owned offshoot of Plum Companies. Classified under the cannabis concentrates umbrella, live rosin is extracted from fresh or frozen flower that is never cured or dried and processed without harsh chemicals, resulting in superior quality and strength. Leslie also promises “a unique high.”

“The development of live rosin helps connect edibles to a more advanced cannabis consumer, someone who enjoys the complex flavor, aroma and effects of different cannabis strains,” Leslie explained. “By pairing these solventless extracts with taffy and gummy flavors that truly complement cannabis instead of trying to mask it, we see the edible experience taking on new exploratory adventures.”

The Denver-based team behind the legacy brand intentionally procures “the most sought-after, dynamic strains” to transform into live rosin from a curated short list of extraction facilities and cultivators throughout the state; Cheeba Chews’ first handcrafted, small batch release was sourced from the experts at Soiku Bano, Sovereign Labs, Kush Masters and Rosslyn.

“We go through a rigorous process of testing each strain with a variety of flavors to ensure the live rosin shines through in a flavorful, mouthwatering way,” Leslie added. “Making live rosin is a labor of love, and to honor that artisanal process, we only are manufacturing a limited run of each combination. When it’s gone, it may be awhile before you can get your hands on that special combination again.”


Find Cheeba Chews locally at the following exclusive retail partners. For a stockist in your area, visit (@cheeba_chews).


Roots Rx

400 E. Hyman Ave. (lower level)



The Snowmass Dispensary

16 Kearns Rd., Ste. 202




175 Midland Ave.


Roots Rx

165 Southside Dr.


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